Tender For Construction

Find the Builder that is right 
for you

Whether your dream is a complete home renovation, a second storey extension or even to build a new home, it’s essential to find the right builder that will assist with converting your plans into reality.

Tender management is the process of selecting the builder from a number of bidders, and determining the best practice for future contracts. Designed to ensure no stone is left unturned, our tender management provides you with a detailed scope of work and a fixed price building quote.

Our team will guide you through this paramount stage, so your project is built to specification, completed on time and within budget.

The Tender Process

Check out our three step tender process that will ensure full transparency for the duration of your project

Tender Management 

Our method ensures transparent pricing by covering all quoted items, preventing unexpected cost discrepancies. The comprehensive scope includes building materials, methods, and base building inclusions to minimise changes during construction.

‘Open Day’

Your tender documents are formally presented to a consortium of licensed constructors, comprising esteemed and proficient professionals. An orchestrated ‘Open House’ tour, overseen by your project manager, ensures an exhaustive assessment of the site and current structures, comprehensive discussions on design particulars, and consultations with the project manager and yourself.

Fixed Price Contract

The tender results are given for you to proceed with choosing a builder and finalising your fixed-price contract. Adjustments to the scope can be considered to match the quoted pricing and your budget. Any required negotiations are made by us on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.